The SHEKERE band reaches the Texas market and also American with an entertainment option to corporate and private events, with live and sequential music, audio and video animation tools that allow the audience to be integrated at each moment of the party Adapts perfectly to the profile of each segment in age and musical tastes.

The proposal is developed by a young talent, Agustín Nava, known for his high trajectory of more than 15 years in the musical field specialized in corporate, artistic events. The band is born almost 9 years ago with the help of new musicians and vocalists, who fuse fresh ideas, techniques and passion, to make available a quality alternative, different and fun in entertainment for events and parties of all kinds.

The members of SHEKERE Latin Band are professional musicians and multifaceted, the same musician plays up to three different instruments

SHEKERE transcends the limits of a proposal to become an optimistic bet on the development of Venezuelan musical creativity and talent, with confidence in promoting this type of initiatives.

In addition SHEKERE offers you shows such as, Crazy Hour, Zanqueros, Drums, Saxophonists, Pianists, Discplays, Screens (VISUAL), Lighting, Targets for events, Awnings, National and International Artists Talent.